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Etude House Dr Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion

Part 1 review of this haul! The Dr Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion.


Lavender, Grapefuit Extract, Orange Oil in the formulation? Sounds yummy?

With a pump dispenser that makes dispensing hygienic, you gotta love this packaging!

Etude House Dr Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion SPF20 PA++
Coverage: Sheer
Texture: Very liquidfied
Shade: It is so sheer that it hardly gives any coverage thus suitable for most skin tones. 
Undertone: Slightly yellow
Fragrance: None. 
Oil-Control: More than 6 hours
Dewy-ness: A little dewy
Overall Comments: Honestly, to me this isn't a BB Cream, maybe thats why its not named a BB Cream. It is a tinted lotion. A very liquified tinted lotion with SPF properties. When applied alone, it gives a really sheer coverage. So sheer that you might hate it. BUT the amazing property of this BB Lotion is that its oil control is AMMMMMMMMMMMazing! Its oil control is so good that I really think its comparable to MAC Oil Control Lotion which is not available in Singapore! I've been wearing this BB Lotion by mixing it with another bb cream / liquid foundation that lacks a wee bit of oil control and I'm really loving it! For those who are looking for a good oil control lotion, it has to be this!
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