Kimoko Crushie Masada (kimoko) wrote,
Kimoko Crushie Masada

Labour Day + Weekend

Missed an entry yesterday so I'm making it up by posting a combined entry for the Labour (May) Day holiday and yesterday.

We had a girly gathering at Mrs Yeo's place for her 2nd pride and joy, Isabelle's 2nd birthday and I brought these to her place. A cake version of Chocolate Brittle and Orange Squares with a citrus bursting cream cheese frosting.

My little precious baby and me. Can't stop loving this little cheeky fella whom I am extremely proud of whenever he calls me God-Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa loudly. He loves dragging the Ma and I absolutely love it whenever he does it. -giggles-

The day after, there were some pictures from the gathering / party and in the background of 1 picture was Ryan clinging onto me while we were watching the other kids play in the foreground. I absolutely love this candid picture as it has captured a priceless moment between me and my precious baby darling Ryan...

My FOTD on May Day which is kinda my typical weekend / public holiday look.

Fast forward to Saturday, together with Ryan's parents, we brought the little fella to the Zoo where he was so excited about the animals and started calling out the names of the animals whenever he spots one.

Despite being all exhausted from the sweltering heat, this cheeky little fella had the energy to play with me in the car on our way back while his father fell asleep and his mother concentrating behind the steering wheel. Love this little man to bits!

And just so to keep this post beauty related, this is my FOTD for the Zoo. I had initially wanted to leave my hair down but decided to have it up just before leaving the house and that was the best decision made ever! It was extremely warm and humid and I was a total hot mess when I got home except for my eyes... Loving the combination of K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liquid Liner on my upper lid and Miss Hana Pencil Eyeliner on my waterline!

And there you go. My May Day and weekend outing to the Zoo in a summarized entry..

Tags: baking, fotd, masada kitchen, ryan

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