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L'Oreal Paris EverStyle Energizing Dry Shampoo

I found this in the bathroom earlier this week and knew it belonged to my elder sister who is back in Singapore for a weeks' visit. I asked if it works and if I could have it since this is an aerosol can and I can't have it shipped to Singapore. Without hesitation, she gave it me since she could always repurchase it when she's back and that she has 1 less item to lug back to Las Vegas.

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Watsons Singapore Members Only Sale on 24th April 2014

Quick haul from the 24th April's Members Only Sale of Watsons in Singapore.

The Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner is my elder sister's HG liquid liner! The usual price is S$19.90 per liner but it was on sale for only S$13.90, a good S$6 discount. To sweeten the deal, for every purchase of S$30 worth of Maybelline products, you get a free Maybelline Total Clean! Clean Express Makeup Remover (worth S$12.90). Top up the purchase to S$50 and you get an instant S$5 OFF. I had nothing else I really wanted to get from Maybelline and bought 4 eyeliners for her to take them back to Las Vegas next week. That actually works out to be S$12.65 per liner which was slightly over 35% off its original retail price with a free makeup remover! In addition, I get to earn my Watsons points for every S$5 spent and an additional 6% rebate into the Watson's credit card of choice, the POSB Everyday Card!

I was roaming around the store, looking out for other great bargains when I came across Watsons House Brand Side Sealed Facial Puffs going for Buy 1 Get 1 Free and it was S$2.30 for 2 boxes! I am a fan of side sealed facial cottons and do not like the typical cotton squares. I have been buying the Daiso ones and this promotion was actually cheaper than the ones sold in Daiso! I had to get 4 boxes of course!

I walked out a happy camper although I only have 4 boxes of facial cottons.

I love Watsons Members Only Sale and can't wait for the next sale with other great bargains!


Belated Bath & Body Works Haul that never made it back to Singapore with me in January

If you are following me on Instagram (KimokoMasada) back in December 2013 and January 2014, you would have seen my insane haul from America as I posted my hauls after every shopping trip either to the mall or outlets. 1 of which was Bath & Body Works when back then, it was till not available in Singapore.
*Bath & Body Works is now in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes if you have not heard about it.

Towards the end of the trip, there was a post Christmas/holiday sale which prices were too good for me to pass on and so I did buy a couple of stuff knowing how bulky they were to be brought back to Singapore...

Bought these during the 'Up to 70% OFF' sale but soon realized our suitcases were close to exceeding the weight limit from the excessive shopping and I had to abandon these bulky babies with my sister till she makes a trip home. I only managed to bring back the smaller bottles of pocket-bacs anti-bacterial hand sanitizers as gifts and they are finally home with me when my elder sister returned home over the weekend.

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And we're done!

With heart-shaped balloons, sweet treats at the Candy Buffet, a simple Chinese Tea ceremony and the wonderful company of close relatives, my elder sister & brother-in-law is finally 'official' in terms of the chinese customary.

Beauty entries resumes tomorrow!


Sweet Treats at an East meets West Wedding

And tomorrow is D Day! An East meets West Wedding Party that my family have been waiting for.

For the past 2 days, my younger sister and myself have been busy trying to put together a candy buffet for the party including making neapolitan chocolate treats and also baking mini bite-size Red Velvet Cookies amongst the other sweet treats.

Can't wait to put everything together tomorrow!


Wedding in the Family!

It is the long Easter weekend in Singapore and it does not get any better being busy for a Wedding in the family!

Will post some sneak preparations tomorrow prior to the party on Easter Sunday!

Meanwhile, pardon my lack of beauty entries till next week!